I have an Projects degree of Automation and Computing, with more that 5 yeaers of experience in both electrical and mechanical Projects. I have studied in Bulgaria, Germany and Great Britain and have worked in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany and Russia. Currently I work as a service technician in Germany, so I have full-time contact with technical documentations.


For me is important to bring you a good quality of translations. Only when the customer is satisfied, then I can say that my job is finished. I do not send back translated documents or web sites, without re-visiting the translated text, check and correct the punctuation, lexical and grammar mistakes that can occur during translation. I make an additional checking of the translated text for any mistakes that can occur during translation. Normally this is included in the translation, but if you request, I can make an additional proofreading of my texts or such, translated from other freelance tranlators or translation agencies.

CAT Software

I use CAT tool, that help me manage translations and file faster and more accurate in shorter time. This also lower the price of my services. I accept and deliver translations in a wide variety of file types, working with the most popular software in the world - Microsoft Office, Open Office, Adobe Reader, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, AutoCAD, SDL Trados and others, if required.

Quality Control

Here are the steps I follow in order to give you the best quality of my translations.

  • Accepting the text for translation
  • Checking the fields of translation and specific words
  • Translation
  • Checking and re-translating if necessary
  • Proofreading
  • Sending the translated text to the customer for acceptance
  • Corrections and finalising the project